CSR at Up&charge, the number one priority !

By registering CSR at UP&CHARGE, we affirm our will to put forward thehuman and environmental qualities that move us in our decision-making processes, our strategies and our actions.

I. Sustainable development

  • Carbon impact reduction in our value chain

We identify our impacts throughout our value chain by trying to reduce as much as possible our carbon impact on the planet through:

  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Sourcing from suppliers
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Recycling

We pay attention to the origin of each selected component, the energy consumed andrejected for its extraction and production as well as its combination with other components.We also take into account the conditions under which these operations are carried out (respect for human rights, labor conventions, respect for ecosystems) and the recyclability ofcomponents.

  • Travel reduction and soft mobility promotion

UP&CHARGE is committed to minimizing travels, in particular through videoconferencing.Most of our trips are made using eco-mobility ways of transport: public transport, bicycles electric cars and car sharing.

  • Awareness raising for customers and partners

This CSR charter is given to the whole team and to the newcomers as soon as they areintegrated. The person in charge supervises its daily application, especially by sharing it withthe UP&CHARGE stakeholders. This charter is publicly available on the UP&CHARGE website.

II. Virtuous ecosystems and societal orientations

  • Collaborative governance

UP&CHARGE defends the principles of inclusion,and involvment and responsibility
through collaborative governance.UP&CHARGE encourages the opinion of each of its members inits decision making and applies a power and responsibility redistribution. Thus, the diversity ofexperience is valued in a fulfilling and cooperative work environment that guaranteesoperational efficiency and economic and social performance.

  • Transparency

UP&CHARGE is committed to sharing reliable and transparent information with its employees, shareholders, partners and customers.

  • Ethics

UP&CHARGE respects the laws in force and the international standards. The working conditions of the team members are aligned with the labor law and the collective agreements governing the profession. UP&CHARGE commits itself to respect the rules related to the national and international competition law and to refrain from any practice having for consequence to hinder the free play of competition. UP&CHARGE is committed to fight against corruption and influence peddling. Our team makes sure that its subcontractors and suppliers commit themselves in an ethical approach and wishes that they also respect the principles of the present charter. UP&CHARGE is committed to respect the confidentiality and security of confidential information received from employees, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Societal orientations

UP&CHARGE contributes to promote eco-mobility to its customers throughout this given CSRcharter. The goal being to adapt this charter to the countries in which UP&CHARGE operates.

Gil Chicheportiche - UP&CHARGE President

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Contact: + 33 01 84 19 25 05 - www.upandcharge.com
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